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Knudsen, Timor t-knudsen at ti.com
Wed Aug 22 13:58:40 CEST 2007

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> Hi,
> I am doing masters in Computer Science and I need to complete 
> one project as a MS requirement. I am planning to graduate in December
> 2007 and hence I have four months to work on this project as 
> full time work. As part of my project I will have write down 
> report as well and hence I would be able to make 
> documentation. I am highly interested in some network 
> protocol development kind of work but not limited to this.
>    I want to work on a project which involves 20-30%research 
> and 70-80% development. I want to work to create one module 
> which can fit easily into existing system so that I don't 
> have to bother about entire libraries. My preference would be 
> to involve my self in a project which requires some 
> optimization or data structure understanding.
>    I found "RTCP support" as one of the MiniProject ideas. I 
> was wondering that whether it has been already implemented? 
> If not then can I be part of it?
>  I really appreciate if you have more project ideas on which 
> I can work on. I would like to work using C and/or C++  as 
> programming language.
> Regards,
> Shaleen
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Hi Shaleen,

The RTCP protocol only gathers information about a corresponding RTP
stream, it is not a streaming protocol itself. I expect the
implementation to be straight forward. One difficulty will be the
(optional) adjustment of compression quality on server side (I do not
even know if this is possible at all). Nevertheless, I do not know
wether RTCP is in development right now or not, but I feel like the
project could be way too small for a four-month full-time project.

Actually, I am currently working on a UPnP AV server implementation for
VLC. UPnP is a standard protocol for advertising  media (files, live
streams, ...) in the local network, streaming them on demand (using
standard streaming protocols like HTTP or RTSP) and controlling (play,
pause, record, and so on) the streams. This feature has been asked for
in the forums, and as far as I can see, there is currently no one else
working on this topic. Up to now, no code has been produced, but I plan
to start coding in end of September. It involves heavy use of data
structures (search and browse contents) and some standard protocols
(mostly HTTP). If the pure UPnP AV server implementation is not enough,
there are several ways to extend it, e.g. providing a GUI. The module
depends on the libupnp, and the language is pure C.

I am not sure wether the VLC team is interested in this implementation.

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