[vlc-devel] V4L2 & ALSA

Richard Hosking richard at hovis.net
Wed Aug 29 16:31:30 CEST 2007

I am currently in the process of finishing the V4L2
(Video 4 Linux 2) driver in VLC on Linux.

I am doing this as I have a capture card which only
supports the newer V4L2 spec... hence me completing
the work.  The video capture side of things is complete.

For audio, as well as legacy OSS support I need to
implement ALSA input capture support.  I see VLC uses
ALSA code elsewhere (ie for audio output).

My test ALSA code in the v4l2.c file builds correctly, but
VLC moans at startup....

  cannot load module `modules/access/.libs/libv4l2_plugin.so'
  (modules/access/.libs/libv4l2_plugin.so: undefined symbol:

what do I need to do to my build so the library knows
about the ALSA stuff?  My knowledge of the make system in
VLC is non existent!

Richard (hovis)

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