[vlc-devel] bug fix

Victor Sterpu victor at ambra.ro
Mon Dec 3 18:54:56 CET 2007

I want to fix a bug in vlc 0.8.6d(I tryed many version of vlc, but the 
result was the same).
The bug is manifsting like this:
I receive a mpeg2 stream. After a few minutes I start receiving the 
following warnings:
[00000273] ts demuxer warning: lost synchro
[00000273] ts demuxer debug: skipping 80 bytes of garbage
[00000273] ts demuxer warning: discontinuity received 0x0 instead of 0x4 
[00000273] ts demuxer warning: discontinuity received 0xd instead of 0xc 

This messges keep repeating and the image is corrupted and remains like 
The masages are from modules/demux/ts.c, functions GatherPES and Demux.

I'm unfamilliar with vlc coding, and I hope somebody can give me some 
help with this.
Is there a possibility that the problem is acctualy from libmpeg2 and 
not with vlc?

I've seen that this problem was reported a few times on the forum.
My gues is that the problem is in function Demux, because there is the 
place where the resync shuld be done.
I belive there is also a bug reported on this problem, but I can't find 
it right now.
Can somebody give me more exact direction about what should be done in 
order to fix this?

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