[vlc-devel] Need Help regarding Compilation of VLC src Code in Windows.

Sachin K sachinutd at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:22:35 CET 2007

> 1. How to Compile the VLC Src Code in Windows , I have dowloaded the src
> code vlc-0.8.6c from VideoLan,when i compiled with Visual studio in Windows,
> i am getting Numerous Errors in each Workspace.

It is better to build VLC in a cygwin environment. Just follow the
instructions in the videolan wiki:


I suggest checking out the latest VLC code through svn.

>     2. I wanted to know the module(or Files) in the VLC Source Code which
> reads that MPEG-2  file and streams Over RTP which consists of Transport
> Steams Packets and how the Transport streams are formed in the RTP Packet.

>     3. How Transport stream Header and Payload are formed, how and when the
> Adaptation Feild in the Transport Stream Packet is formed and streamed.
>     4. VLC File format for MPEG-2 file.

I am not familiar with MPEG-2 streaming. May be experts in this group
will comment on this.


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