[vlc-devel] compilation problem of live555 for VLC

howard howard at starvedia.com
Wed Dec 12 13:58:43 CET 2007

HI all,

           I was trying to compile VLC with live555 enabled which was built
by myself. The live555 I built was working fine.

           However, when I used it as a library for compiling VLC, I got
some errors which said "undefined references to certain functions such as
'_fcntl', '__errno', _recvfrom', '_sendto', '__getreent', '_fseeko',
'_ftello', and '_getsockname' etc.

There was no problem when compiling VLC with the live555 library of the

Could anyone help me with it? Is there any DEFINE I missed or so?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Best Regards,



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