[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r23593 (hovis)

Richard Hosking richard at hovis.net
Mon Dec 17 12:08:59 CET 2007

Ah my mistake... just tried with my webcam and it
works well!  I had assumed that it needed similar
approach to the old v4l.c code, but here I see
ffmpeg is doing the decoding for us which is far
more elegant.

Antoine Cellerier wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Dec 2007 21:05:34 +0000, Richard Hosking <richard at hovis.net>
> wrote:
>> Dennis, are you working on the MPEG2 demux stuff in v4l2.c
>> at the moment or in the short term?  If so I will hold
>> off porting the MJPEG code from v4l.c into v4l2.c to
>> avoid a potentially difficult merge, though let me know
>> if you think this won't be an issue.
> What MJPEG code do you need to port from v4l.c? MJPEG already works fine
> with the v4l2 access on the webcam I have (you have to set chroma to MJPG).

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