[vlc-devel] Merry Christmas to the JVLC & VLC Teams

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 01:40:24 CET 2007

Hi Ahmad,

Many thanks for trying MyUniPortal. I appreciate the
feedback and greatly appreciate and understand your
reference to dlls.

JVLC does use the dlls from the VLC and compiled my
jvlc dll. As you know even Sun uses dll's in the jvm
and has sadly stopped pursuing multimedia years ago. I
have heard they might be pursing again multimedia but
the efforts may not result in anything for at least a
year or longer.

When working with the windows operating system dlls
are needed and there are many applications being
downloaded every minute from all over the world. I do
monitor the groups closely that wrote the dlls and I
have the source for everything I provide and can
inspect and have inspected for debugging reasons the
windows code when needed.

I am very occupied with MyUniPortal right now but an
effort to add multimedia support to the jvm is a great
idea. I have worked on MyUniPortal for many years
(since 1998) and need to keep a promise to get it
released in January after 2 betas otherwise I would be
helping the jvlc group more than I have.

Again many thanks for downloading the Rich Internet
Client (RIA) and I hope you enjoyed the JVLC

Any Constructive Feedback appreciated.

Tony Anecito

--- Ahmad Hamadallah <ahmdprog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> Again, many thanks to everyone participating in
> JVLC. I hope in the coming
> months I will spend some time to work heavily on
> As you noticed and using your application. don't
> forget that people don't
> like to run dll(native) at client side.(security
> issue). And I really
> surprise that Sun are really sleeping about
> Multimedia support for java. I
> would like to suggest project of building JVM with
> multimedia support (VLC)
> it will be really great project.
> Anyhow, many thanks to JVLC developers.
> Regards,
> Ahmad Hamadallah.
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> Hi Guys,
> Just wanted to thank you all for the support this
> last
> year. I was able to finish fixing the remaining
> issues
> using JVLC for the type of application I am using. I
> am running under windows using the vlc supplied
> 0.9.0
> dlls for a nightly build of a few nights ago. My
> Educational Serivce is a RIA using web services. Its
> a
> free service for the kids with no advertising and
> hoping to get donations to keep it going. It uses
> the
> latest jvm from Sun.
> I am hoping to finish my last beta here in the next
> week or so as I add more data and tests for the
> kids.
> I did still have some threading issues regarding
> stopping the movie and destroying the JVLC instance
> but worked past that outside of the supplied vlc &
> jvlc dlls.
> It's been a wild ride and I do not mean just
> since I used the latest technologies from multiple
> open source projects.
> JVLC developers if you have windows you can give it
> a
> spin and after looking at it if you still want to
> add
> a link from the JVLC home page feel free to do so
> now.
> Just let me know when you do that so I can watch the
> activites from my side.
> The download page is:
> http://www.myuniportal.com/download.php
> Regards,
> -Tony Anecito
> Founder,
> MyUniPortal
> http://www.myuniportal.com
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