[vlc-devel] Support of FASTSEEK for ftp module

Andrew Zaikin andrew.zaikin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 18:52:39 CET 2007

Thanks for response, Rémi
It looks like if I would fix libavi to use FAST_SEEK if available and normal
SEEK if not, it will work for my case and will be inline with your
explanation and should not break anything. It looks like SEEK is implemented
in ftp, but I need to test it more.

On Dec 23, 2007 8:24 PM, Rémi Denis-Courmont <rem at videolan.org> wrote:

> Implement slow SEEK in FTP if not already done, and either fix libavi
> not to seek, or to use slow seek, or if it would really need to much
> seeks, keep it the way it is, and instruct people to download the file.
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