[vlc-devel] Re: Regarding configuring VLC embedded in web page

Ramakrishnan_S Ramakrishnan_Subramaniam at Satyam.com
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You can use VLC Active X and use the exposed methods to control.



Ramakrishnan Subramaniam


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I have embedded VLC player PlugIn in IE. When user requests for any file
(stream) , browser installs VLC from server and when it gets installed ,
it works perfectly. 


I want to do a setting say an advanced setting of VLC regarding
synchronisation ( present in VLC player Settings->Preferrences) , I want
that setting to applied when user access a file using VLC embedded in
web page but dont want user to open vlc player ( from
Start->Programs->VideoLAN ...) and do settings and save and then use web
page with settings updated for synchronisation. 


How can I configure VLC (embedded one) automatically using either script
or something in my web page to enable or configure any
Preferrences/Settings of VLC?



Nikhil Agrawal


PS - If someone needs more detailed information regarding what I want ,
please let me know .

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