[vlc-devel] Re: how can I write the events manager in DirectFB for vlc 0.8.5?

Iuri Diniz iuri at digizap.com.br
Thu Feb 8 06:12:45 CET 2007

On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 11:50 +0800, gauchy wrote:
> I use "b function-name" to set break, and gdb asked me "Make
> breakpoint
> pending on future shared library load? " then I choose yes,but vlc
> don't
> stop at the break.
> and I have used "./libtool --mode=execute gdb ./vlc", because the
> directfb must be test when the movie is on,so when I run vlc in gdb,
> vlc
> can't stoped the movie, if I use "ctrl+alt+F3",the computer is dead,I
> must restart it. 

Are you using directfb over fb? Have you tried with x11?
put on your directfbrc ($HOME/.directfb /etc/directfbrc)



if this doesn't work it's because you don't have a suitable x11 backend.

You can find your backends by getting the contents one of those dirs:


if you have almost one libdirectfb_sdl.[???] you have, in this case, the
sdl backend.

fb is the default backend

I only use gdb with the default backend (fb) when I'm on another
computer doing ssh to host machine.

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