[vlc-devel] Problem cross-compiling VLC under mingw

ken kens at campoz.fslife.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 19:32:27 CET 2007

I am interested in working on the mini-project to develop DVB support
for Windows. 
Target machine is a P3 500MHz WinXP Home with Hauppauge Nova-T-500 dual
DVB-T tuners. On that machine I run DVB-Webscheduler and VLC to stream
the files across my LAN. 
My development machine is a dual boot  AMD64 Athlon 3200+ running both
Win XP Pro and Ubuntu. I have installed gcc and also built a gcc
cross-compiler for mingw. 
I am using gcc 4.1.2, mingw 3.4.5, binutils 3.17
I’ve done lots of programming in many languages including c++  but for
many years it has been a hobby rather than a profession. Included in
that I have written the odd device driver but that was a long time ago. 
Downside is that I am not very familiar with BDA (although I have
started studying it) and the svn thing is completely foreign to me. I’m
also studying the relevant bits of VLC but struggling a bit to know
where to start. 
I’m happy to do anything to help including coding, testing, documenting
as I’d really like to get it working. I just need to be pointed in the
right direction.

As a start I've downloaded vlc.0.8.6a and compiled/linked successfully
on linux. I then tried compiling for mingw and hit a few snags which I
think are to do with compiler options as they happen in win32 specific
My configure is at http://paste.videolan.org/1309
My first error was in cdrom.c - output log is at
This seems to be related to the use of the FARPROC cast. I made a change
(which I now believe to be wrong) to work around this then hit another
error in filter.cpp in the dshow module. Output log is at
This also seems to be related to pointers to functions in win32.

Seeing as everything else is compiling OK I'm thinking this is to do
with how I have set up to compile under mingw. Can anyone help?


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