[vlc-devel] VoD Support for RTP over RTSP (RTP TCP) and RTSP/RTP in HTTP

Skye Poier Nott skye at f4.ca
Thu Feb 22 20:12:53 CET 2007

As I posted here:


I'll soon be starting work on enhancing VLC's VoD streaming to  
support RTP over RTSP (RTP over TCP aka interleaved RTP) and  
QuickTime Player's special RTSP/RTP in HTTP tunnel. This will allow  
the VoD server to stream to clients behind NAT and behind web  
proxies. Currently, if I'm not mistaken, VLC's VoD only supports  
sending RTP/UDP to clients.

It apears the Live555 RTSP library that VLC uses already supports RTP  
over RTSP, perhaps I just need to update the bundle and add some new  
hooks. RTSP/RTP tunneled over HTTP would be new though, I would  
probably borrow some code from Darwin Streaming Server for that (it  
would need to listen on port 80 for the player fallback GET/POST)

I have permission from my bosses to submit patches back to the VLC  
project (although it is only about 90% certain we will use VLC, might  
still go with Darwin Streaming Server).

If anyone else is working on this or would like to volunteer as a  
contact when I have questions about internal APIs or the "right  
place" to put new modules, hooks etc please let me know.


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