[vlc-devel] Re: Can't Build from Source, want to help with image filters/scaling and quality control

Paul Corke paul.corke at datatote.co.uk
Sat Feb 24 15:35:45 CET 2007

On 23 February 2007 23:58, Neil Woodall wrote:

> I finally gave up when trying to duplicate the buildbot set of
> commands I got an error that byte_t was defined twice. Once in /
> extras/contrib/include/libraw1394/raw1394.h and once in  include/
> vlc_common.h. Since libraw1394 is part of the make src instructions

The way I got around it was to alter both those files and wrap the

#ifndef HAVE_BYTE_T
#define HAVE_BYTE_T
typedef uint8_t        byte_t;

You might also have problems with building the wxwidgets interface
and with linking against libiconv.  See the following:


(actually, it may be you that started that thread!)



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