[vlc-devel] Re: Can't Build from Source, want to help with image filters/scaling and quality control

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Feb 27 20:19:07 CET 2007


On Tue, Feb 27, 2007, Neil Woodall wrote :
> I have no need for 1394 support at this time (although if it supports  
> the old DVHS decks, I can think of a use), but that wasn't really the  
> point of the example. The point of the example was that you do not  
> have a published method for building the source and you can't do  
> quality control without a set of procedures for making the product. 
Well, so many platforms, so many external libs changing.

> The method you recommend on the Wiki, i.e. running "make src" in the  
> extra/contrib directory does not work and it's also obvious from the  
> "make src" method that you build specific configurations for the  
> various contrib sources and there is no clear documentation on what  
> configurations to build. In fact there seems to be a lot of opinions  
> on the forums about what to build for ffMPEG. However, that  
> impression could be the result of not fully understanding all the  
> options of the program.

Make src in contrib WORKS under windows, winCE and macOS X. And are not
really tested under linux since most of us use distribution packages.

Well, the contrib system is a system to HELP people of getting all the
necessary libraries, because saying "get all the 3rd party libraries,
build them, install them" and then do "bootstrap; 
configure --lots-of-options ; make" made many people crazy. Contribs is
just a way to automatise it.

Especially because some libraries needs hack because they can't build on
X, Y  or Z platform.
For debian, using "apt-get build-dep vlc" gives us all the correct
dependencies. Other distributions have the same.

> If you want to implement quality control to improve the product, then  
> every developer should be installing the libraries and supporting  
> source exactly the same way and should be able to exactly duplicate  
> the buildbot results for their configuration. If some of the more  
> obscure features are causing stability problems, then you may want to  
> have two procedures: one for main stream build and one for the  
> kitchen sink build. I'm also kind-of curious what happens if your  
> build machine crashes. How do you know that the new system is  
> installed the same way as before?
Since we are using debian/sid development packages, we know that we are 
building with the same lib development versions. 

But all that is for linux systems. On those systems, we need to rely on
the distributions libraries because if not VLC packages would be huge...

For win32, macOS, contribs gives us the same libraries versions.
For Win32, we have official external libraries builds package to unsure
we are using the same.

> Don't get me wrong, I like the structure of the program. But I need a  
> procedure for installing and building from the sources so that I can  
> recommend the use of the program without causing a support nightmare  
> for our Methodology group (they maintain source databases and tools).
Well, that is very difficult under linux, because of the different
libraries in different distribution.  So we have build-dep for debian,
and spec files for the most other distribution (fedora, suse, mandriva).
But few people rebuild all the needed libraries for VLC.

> In the distro.mak file in extra/contrib there is a list of programs  
> and the order they are compiled in the extra/contrib/src directory  
> and in that directory packages.mak list the download sites and  
> versions. I know that there is a Wiki page with the extra/contrib  
> source code sites and versions, but given my experience with the  
> Wiki, I don't trust that the information reflects what developers are  
> actually doing.
Well, the packages.mak is made by the developers. And that Contrib
Status wiki page is only modified by developers and seen the low level
of modification of that wiki, we can easily watch it moving. 
packages.mak is changed after test on the platforms.

Also, most of the compile Howto are semi protected pages.

Don't get me wrong, contrib should work for all platforms but there are
many platforms... :D

And if you got ideas to improve all the stuffs, please do so, we would
be glad do here about them :D

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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