[vlc-devel] Re: latest teletext patch

Vincent Penne ziggy at sashipa.com
Sat Jan 13 04:07:42 CET 2007

Thanks for testing.

About the crash you mention, it happens in the text renderer module I 
believe. In fact I wrote a comment in my module mentionning this problem 
already, apparently , the text rendering module doesn't clip vertically, 
so if you have a very long text, it's going to crash because it renders 
text outside of the picture. I suspect it doesn't clip horizontaly 
either by the way so it may also crash if you have a very long word that 
doesn't fit on one line.

Here, in the example you test, some teletext pages are wrongly flagged 
as subtitles, so it makes a long text to render (it's a complete page of 
text instead of just few lines of subtitles). It shouldn't crash if the 
text renderer was clipping correctly.

To trigger that bug with normal subtitle in my module, simply set     
p_spu->i_y = 1000; (instead of 10), it will try to display the subtitles 
very far up the screen and will crash if the screen is less than 1000 
pixels height. 

xxcv a écrit :
> Great Telx plugin Vincent!
> Yes now it works great with has-subtitles.ts
> however it now crash with,
> http://videoserver.nob.nl/temp/stream-demux-telx-1.dump
> http://videoserver.nob.nl/temp/stream-demux-telx-2.dump
> below from Dr. Mingw
> =============================================================
> vlc.exe caused an Access Violation at location 0afb1dd0 in module 
> libblend_plugin.dll Writing to location 091d9f58.
> Registers:
> eax=00000000 ebx=000000ff ecx=091d9e23 edx=0b0c6e50 esi=00000135 
> edi=0000002b
> eip=0afb1dd0 esp=08c1f638 ebp=08c1fcd0 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr 
> na po nc
> cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=003b  gs=0000             
> efl=00000246
> Call stack:
> 0AFB1DD0  libblend_plugin.dll:0AFB1DD0  vlc_entry__0_9_0b
> 1002DE81  libvlc.dll:1002DE81  spu_RenderSubpictures  
> vout_subpictures.c:811
> 1002C3D3  libvlc.dll:1002C3D3  vout_RenderPicture  vout_pictures.c:353
> 1002AFBD  libvlc.dll:1002AFBD  RunThread  video_output.c:1052
> 77C3A3B0  msvcrt.dll:77C3A3B0  _endthreadex
> 7C80B50B  kernel32.dll:7C80B50B  GetModuleFileNameA
> =============================================================
> And VLC-trunk msg & gdb debug log is in the attached zip file.

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