[vlc-devel] Re: VLC RTSP client support for Transport Stream 'trick play' operations

DNA Studios s.r.l. info at dnastudios.it
Mon Jan 15 18:32:02 CET 2007

You can test here (Darwin streaming server):
rtsp://     Standard mov file in bundle with 
DSS (hinted with quicktime i think)
rtsp://      Movie encoded with x264 (main 
profile) and hinted with mpeg4ip

see you soon ;)

Ross Finlayson ha scritto:
> FYI, the LIVE555 RTSP server implementation now supports trick play 
> operations (seeking, fast forward, reverse play) on MPEG Transport 
> Stream files.  Note, for example, our new 'media server' application: 
> http://www.live555.com/mediaServer/
> However, VLC - when playing these streams as a RTSP client - currently 
> does not perform these trick play operations correctly from its GUI.  
> Note that the LIVE555 RTSP client library fully supports trick play 
> operations (note the optional "start", "end" and "scale" parameters to 
> "RTSPClient::playMediaSession()"); it's just that VLC does not pass 
> these parameters (in particular, "scale") when calling the library.
> Could someone please take a look at this?  I suspect that a fix will 
> be quite straightforward, and will give VLC important new 
> functionality - basically, client support for VOD with trick play.
> It's important to note that - apart from the GUI, and the parameters 
> passed to "RTSPClient::playMediaSession()" in the LIVE555 library - 
> the fact that the server is performing a 'trick play' operation is 
> completely transparent to the VLC client.  I.e., VLC's rendering code 
> will continue to see what it thinks is a regular Transport Stream - 
> with no discontinuity in PCR timestamps - so you won't need to make 
> any changes there.
> -- 
> Ross Finlayson
> Live Networks, Inc.
> http://www.live555.com/
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