[vlc-devel] [streaming] error mux ts

Alexandre PELLETIER pelletie at cs.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 18 09:57:24 CET 2007


I'm trying to stream something via udp, and i have got some errors. Such
as : 

[Media: bip] main private error: no sout mux module matched "ts"
[Media: bip] stream_out_standard private error: no suitable sout mux
module for `udp/ts://<ip_address>:1234'
[Media: bip] main demuxer error: no id3 module matched "any"

I used the telnet interface with this output : 

setup bip output

I didn't find the module, that i have to enable, so the sout mux can be
found ..

Thx for your help. 

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