[vlc-devel] How to change makefile to build a dll?

姚明 s2131172 at ss24.mcu.edu.tw
Wed Jan 31 10:37:27 CET 2007

These are part of makefile in vlc 0.8.6-a(VLC Media Player).I would like to
convert vlc.exe to a vlc.dll,so i can call funtions from vlc media player
when i use my java ap.Does somebody knows how to do it.Please gives me a

@rm -f vlc$(EXEEXT) 
@case `$(VLC_CONFIG) --linkage vlc builtin` in \ 
c++) cmd="$(CXXLINK)" ;; \ 
objc) cmd="$(OBJCLINK)" ;; \ 
c|*) cmd="$(LINK)" ;; \ 
esac ; \ 
cmd="$$cmd $(vlc_OBJECTS) $(vlc_LDADD) $(vlc_LDFLAGS)" ; \ 
echo $$cmd ; \ 
eval $$cmd 

ps.This is the complete makefile.(use MSWord to open it can let it display
Makefile <http://www.nabble.com/file/6124/Makefile> 

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