[vlc-devel] RTSP seeking problem

DNA Studios s.r.l. info at dnastudios.it
Tue Jan 30 22:24:52 CET 2007

VLC have many problems with the seeking in RTSP streams.....
I give you the link of my server (Darwin Streaming Server) and I hope 
that it can be useful to resolve this problem.

rtsp://   this is baseline profile (x264) hinted 
with mpeg4ip
rtsp://   this is baseline profile (x264) hinted 
with QuickTime

To see the videos you must enable the http tunneling (in vlc and in QT)

In both cases the seeking with VLC does not work and after 35 seconds 
vlc crash (this is very strange)?!?!?

You can see that QT play the movie perfectly and the seeking work fine.
Still very strange, VLC and QT in local plays perfectly both the videos 
and the seeking work.
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