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Hi Xtophe!Ok i just sign to the vlc-deval at videolan.orgMaybe there are more testers who are interesting testing the setup And to the installer:The VLC setup uses the same language strings as the current NSIS.You don't need to know about the NSIS cuz VLC only uses the strings that are alsoincluded into the current NSIS. That makes the fact that you can activate allthe lang strings that are also in the NSIS folder. I think there are about 60 languagesin NSIS now! you can activate it with the !insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE string.But i think only the languages that are also in the VLC-player should be insert into the VLC setup!There is only one vlc.win32.nsi file with english strings. This file uses the translations forthe VLC setup from the NSIS source. So if there is an error in the VLC setup this mustbe corrected in the language file of the NSIS folder. You can simply activate the lang-stringin the vlc.win32.nsi cuz the errors will be corrected in NSIS and don't need any furtherchanging in the VLC. Its only one installer which uses the correctly translated NSIS strings.And these strings have nothing to do with the behavior of the VLC setup.So activate my suggested languages, that's all!We have only to correct the NSIS langs and the next compiled VLC will have proper strings than!You already done it with Polish in the 0.9.0 and it works correctly now. Only the backportto the 0.8.6-bugfix is still missing!So let me know if this is possible. Or what is still missing to activate more langsPS: could you also update the maintainer VLC homepage?  Its  pretty old now...Have a nice day!MICHI
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