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podnety at mojepreklady.net podnety at mojepreklady.net
Mon Jul 16 19:53:30 CEST 2007

Hi Xtophe, Michi and other translators or developers,

Today I tested a Michi´s idea about an multilanguage installer for VLC, from
previous days. Briefly  - I made this:

1. I downloaded the latest NSIS package (2.28) from nsis.sourceforge.net
2. I edited Slovak language files for this install system and for ModernUI, what
is a part of NSIS. These files contained namely very the same errors, as were in
the Slovak VLC installer.
3. I edited and updated these files in Czech language too.
4. I downloaded the yesterday´s nightly build of VLC in ZIP archive. Here I
found one important file: vlc.win32.nsi. I filling this file with two new
strings: !insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE 'Slovak' (line 99) and  !insertmacro
MUI_LANGUAGE 'Czech' (line 100).
5. Then I ran NSIS and compile the new installer on basis of vlc.win32.nsi.

Then I tested the installer and I must say you, that my test was successfull. I
became a new installer for VLC Media Player and this installer uses my new
language files for NSIS. By testing of this new installer I made some
screenshots. I packed it all into a .zip archive, please download this file to
you from: www.mojepreklady.net/download/Screenshots.zip  . In this file are
screenshots from Czech and Slovak installer and I marked with red colour some
areas, where are still problems. These problems should we solve, if it will be
possible. In the .zip file is a log-file from building the installer. Please
see it, the file contains some errors (we probably have a problem with Version
string - some ideas to solving?).

So now I am now curious, what do you say about it. This new installer - will be
usable or not? If yes, how is our further plan or advance? Thank you for your

Marián Hikaník

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