[vlc-devel] VLC (my answer to message from Michi)

podnety at mojepreklady.net podnety at mojepreklady.net
Thu Jul 19 20:38:30 CEST 2007

Hello Christophe,

thank you for your answer. I test the version string tomorrow and I give you
then an advice.
And which advancement will also have this installer-bug? Will someone from us or
an other developer contact with someone from NSIS?

BTW: What is new about Michi? He is already registered to this topic or still


> in vlc.win32.nsi.in there is ${VERSION} which is replaced by the good
> version when the build system generate the vlc.win32.nsi .
> If you have a vlc.win32.nsi where the variable hasn't been replaced
> there have been a bug somewhere.
> If the solution doesn't exist already in NSIS, it's more a nsis
> developer we will need.

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