[vlc-devel] Green areas in the video when using vlc streaming

Lincoln Ramsay ramsayl at bigfoot.com
Sat Jul 21 03:23:45 CEST 2007

On 21/07/2007, at 1:28 AM, Herman Schultz wrote:
> On 7/20/07, Jean-Paul Saman <jean-paul.saman at planet.nl> wrote:
>> Herman Schultz wrote:
>> > I am using VLC streaming (as a boardcaster) to Darwin.
>> >
>> > But when I use a video client (e.g. quicktime/vlc) to watch that  
>> stream
>> by
>> > hitting Darwin, I see a lot of green rectangles in the video in the
>> > beginning. (see attached screen shot).
>> ...
>> I suspect this is due to a missing key frame. The decoder just  
>> fills in
>> the blank in that case. Which of course when missing the first  
>> keyframe
>> can produce strange effects.
> ...
> Thanks for your help.  Can you please help me understand which VLC  
> missing key frame?

I have seen this before. I think it is the server, specifically the  
"stream/transcode" process. I've seen videos that play fine in VLC  
but exhibit this "green rectangles" problem when transcoding.


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