[vlc-devel] Module list description/dependencies?

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 01:40:08 CEST 2007

Thanks Pierre,
  I was able to get it down to 3.2MB from 13+MB. No more stalls and downloads much faster.
  The reason it was 3.2 rather than 1MB was the ffmpeg.dll was over 4MB and I built it with debug disabled. Also libvlc.dll is also 1.8MB so I was happy to get down to 3.2 after the files were compressed and put into a jar.
  Also, the time to instantiate is still around 17 seconds using a centrino dual and slightly faster for my AMD64 X2 4200+ using windows XP and windows 2000 prof respectively. So even though the size was decreased by 4x the time savings was minimal for instantiating vlc but the download time was improved greatly and users should know longer mention stalling while downloading the jar with the vlc dlls.
  Many Thanks,

Pierre d'Herbemont <pdherbemont at free.fr> wrote:
On 9 juil. 07, at 23:17, Tony Anecito wrote:

> Hi Vlc Dev Team,
> Do you have a list with the description of the modules/ 
> dependencies? I am working on cutting down the size of the vlc dll 
> distribution. Since I am using java and swing for my ui then the 
> qt4 and skins wxwidgets I plan to drop from my distribution. Since 
> this is a client app I plan to not distribute code for a streaming 
> server but not sure what module that is.
> My goal is to get to 1-2MB for the distribution if possible.
> Again just want to start with windows distribution for viewing avi, 
> mov, flv, wmv, mpeg2 & 4.

Hello Tony,

Basically you need:
- ffmpeg with support for the codec/demuxer you want.
- the ffmpeg vlc module.
- a video output module,
- a sound output module.
- a chroma module
- audio filter, mixer, sampler module
- some access module like file and http.

You may reach something aroung the MB for the binaries, if you strip 
the debug code.

Good luck,

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