[vlc-devel] Characters Problems

Bruno Cabral brataodream at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 20:04:25 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,
I develop a open-source player based on a stripped down VLC dll(simplevlc),
My implamention was ok in a older version(0.8.1)
But when i update to the lastest code(0.8.6) everything runs fine, but
the new version can´t play files with latin caracters(ç,á,à,ã),

The code i use to play:
static int SVLC_CC if_play (HSVLC svlc, const char * target)
    vlc_t *vlc;
    playlist_t *playlist;

    if (!(vlc = aquire_vlc (svlc)))
        return -1;

	/* get playlist or create one if necessary */
    if (!(playlist = vlc_object_find (vlc, VLC_OBJECT_PLAYLIST, FIND_CHILD)))
        msg_Dbg (vlc, "no playlist present, creating one" );

        if (!(playlist = playlist_Create (vlc)))
			release_vlc (vlc);
            return -1;

        vlc_object_yield (playlist);

		/* reregister playlist hooks */
		svlc_event_register_callbacks (svlc, vlc);

	/* set loading state */
	svlc_event_set_playback_state (svlc, SVLC_PLAYBACK_LOADING);

	/* empty playlist */
	playlist_Clear (playlist);

	/* add target to playlist and start playback */
    playlist_Add (playlist, target, target, PLAYLIST_INSERT | PLAYLIST_GO, 0);

    vlc_object_release (playlist);
	release_vlc (vlc);

	return 0;
Anyone maybe have a hint to me ?
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