[vlc-devel] "Green Areas" problem when using VLC to transcode a file

Herman Schultz herman.schultz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 21:01:28 CEST 2007


When using VLC to transcode a FLV file to mp4. it has 'Green Areas' for the
first 7 seconds of the video , afterward it is fine.

Here is my setting:
* VLC 0.8.6c on Ubuntu
I have tried compiled my own version of VLC on ubuntu.

I see the problem if I do this use VLC to transcode the flv file and use VLC
to view the transcoded mp4 file:
$ ./vlc -vvv -I dummy ~/Desktop/video.flv --sout
mux=mp4, dst=/home/herman/genvlc.mp4}'

However, if I go to ffmpeg directory extra/ffmpeg (since i compile my own
vlc, i need the ffmpeg libraries to compile). And i do a transcode using
ffmpeg, i don't see the 'green areas' problem.
$ ./ffmpeg -i ~/Desktop/video.flv -s 176x144 -b 24 -r 15 -an out.3gp
Can you please tell me how should I proceed in trouble shooting this
I can easily reproduce this with the same flv file.

Thank you for any pointers.
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