[vlc-devel] Roadmap and other stuffs.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Mar 20 11:34:21 CET 2007


Just a small mail about the future.

Yes, everything goes slower than we would like to, but still many things are improving.
SoC may also be good for everyone, well I hope so. :D


* 0.8.6b: for more bugfixes (I think about VP31 for windows, but also some MacOS-X stuffs)
Do we add on this one some more codecs decoded (VP6*) as this just needs ffmpeg update ?
ETA: in three weeks ?

* 0.9.0: feature-freeze when the main blockers are knocked out:
- basic qt4 interface (I know that is my fault, but I do what I can...)
- filters2 / filter and other things related (dionoea #912 mainly)
- Streaming/live555-startime/other things related to R(.*)P(thedj and jpsaman)
- libvlc cleaning (#457 and related) and playlist cleaning and fixes (who)?
The faster is the best, of course. In one month ?

Branch it, releases candidates and QA. (I still want to set QA Team with non-developers)

* trunk (target 0.9.1):
- Vout adaptations/subfilter/whatever it should be named to support fullscreen controller and stuffs (don't discuss it on this thread)
- SoC works (I think that we should make a branch for every project)
- advanced qt4 interface (that would be me too, I think grr :'( )

Ready, set, troll/scream :D

jb | j-b, VideoLAN Team

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