[vlc-devel] Trying to make a Fink package (Mac machine)

lavigne at getphuture.com lavigne at getphuture.com
Thu May 3 20:59:12 CEST 2007

Good day all,

It's probably shure that the native Mac VLC app would be better in  
performances than any x11 version. Anyway I am interesting to package  
VLC for Fink especially for specific stuffs such as the konqueror  

As j-b suggested, I take a look to the wiki (Advising to disable Fink  
'cause of conflicts), I tried to compile various versions from 4 to 8,  
etc... and to conclude results  'seem' better while compiling VLC as  
unix (--disable-macosx --disable-altivec) with latest version.

Here is the errors I got and I am seeking any informations / tips that  
could help me please : http://paste.videolan.org/1774
The current disabled options such as wxwindows are kind of unsolved  
problems at the moment with its current fink packages

I got exactly the same report while testing with my own PPC and an  
Intel at work, both Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9, using the Fink xorg for the  
x11 headers and libraries.



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