[vlc-devel] Re: Trying to make a Fink package (Mac machine)

lavigne at getphuture.com lavigne at getphuture.com
Tue May 15 01:39:38 CEST 2007

>> You should here try to hack vlc/Makefile.am to remove the creation  
>> of  the VLC.app bundle. I think you don't want it. The best thing  
>> would  be to add a configure switch to build VLC.app from vlc bin,  
>> and send  a patch to the vlc-devel. If you encounter too much  
>> troubles, I could  give it a try myself.
>> Pierre.

Ouch, unfortunately I guess my skills are not enough to hack a Makefile.am.

As VLC is not a high priority for Fink, I'm just trying to get help  
and to continue working on it as I can. Anyway if you or someone else  
is interesting to patch VLC for larger purposes, it would be nice to  
give it a try as you said.

Of course tell me if I can help too in any way.

Regards and have fun,


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