[vlc-devel] Help wanted for small (?) VLC development job

Adam Luker adam at integralitservices.com
Mon May 21 18:35:55 CEST 2007

(If this is a bad place to post this request, please let me know where I


I am working with a company that wants to use VLC in a (hopefully)
widely-distributed set-top-type video receiver box.  We are currently hoping
to primarily use one particular codec.  The problem is that the codec in
question is not supported under VLC and (importantly) is non-free.


We have been pursuing arrangements with the codec developers to license
their decoding libraries, and need to find a developer to make a VLC codec
module for us that will interface with a binary decoding library supplied by
the codec developers.  (i.e. the module we need created will act just like
any other VLC codec module, except that it will make calls to the
closed-source library to do the actual decoding.)  As I haven't done much
programming since PASCAL was in vogue, I'm not up to the task of figuring it
all out, and would much rather pay one of you guys who has already
contributed so much to the OSS world.


This seems to me to be a rather straightforward project; please let me know
if I'm mistaken or if I seem to be missing an important facet of the
situation.  Also, please let me know if you are interested. :-)


Thanks in advance.


- Adam

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