[vlc-devel] Integration of vlc into Red5 - What revision to use?

Alexander Bethke abethke at oamk.fi
Thu Nov 1 09:18:36 CET 2007


don't want to spam the devel list, just thought that might be right here.
I am planning an integration of vlc into the Red5 streaming server 
(Flash video), to get streaming Flash video out of the sandbox and 
connected to the rest of the world, especially the mobile one. When 
Adobe already doesn't do it... I'll do it as my final work on 
polytechnic, hopefully not a bad idea.

Could somebody try to help me finding the right revision for building, 
that fulfils my rather complicated requirements.
- flv muxing has to be working still of course, hence before 31.08.2007?
- java bindings have to work, so before the change to media instances?
- ffmpeg should be as new as possible as nellymoser and vp6 decoding are 
essential in the Flash environment
- I am building ffmpeg with amr support

Do I have to be careful with the ffmpeg revision? What about live555 
Is this possible??? Any suggestions?

I would use the opportunity to advertise some love for the flv-streaming 
implementation, isn't it a cute feature?

Greetings, thanks a lot and congratulations for this great os project,


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