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Carinhas, Alexandre M alexandre.carinhas at pt.verizonbusiness.com
Wed Nov 7 11:32:51 CET 2007

Hi Rémi, I think I explained myself badly. What I need to do is an IPTV kind of like service using SIP instead of RTSP, I will not be using it for VOIP. Do you think it will still be that dificult?I'm not a professional programmer and I do need to understand at this point if this is a Doable thing for me or a task for an advance programmer.


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> I have to develop based on VLC a full SIP Client and Server, I'm a

> little rusty with my programming skills but trying to catch up. Can 
> you

> point me to the best place to start or if there are already ongoing 

> projects that you could point me to?

No official activities there, though people ask about this every now

and then.

This is far from easy a task. First, you need a SIP stack, which is

quite complex a beast (but you can find some good GPL/LGPL ones as


Then you need to rewrite the RTP stack, or rewrite the live555

bindings, to do *symmetric* RTP. VLC only support asymmetric

RTP currently, since it only cares about streaming, not VoIP.

Finally, you need to create a UI, as a media player UI is not quite

usable for VoIP.


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