[vlc-devel] Request for Comment: mozilla firefox plugin (linux)

Jasper j.alias at student.hhs.nl
Tue Nov 20 16:06:24 CET 2007


A while back we mentioned we'll be working on adding control buttons for 
the firefox plugin under linux. Well we've been buisy trying to figure a 
lot of stuff out and we managed the first few small steps foreward:
Creating space for drawing the buttons in.
Catching onClick event and binding it to the play/pauze control.

So now I submit out first bit of code, it adds a small white bar under 
videostreams and clicking in it triggers play/pauze. Now we must look 
into working with the mouse coörds for different events, how to 
implement a search bar and drawing something more grafical for buttons.

We ask for a bit of comment: are we working in the right direction, and 
if not what do we do wrong? And furthermore this is the time to point us 
in a direction concerning the grafics.

We appreciate any and all comments

Jasper Alias & Frans van Veen
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