[vlc-devel] [PATCH]RTSP Trickplay in TRUNK

Glen Gray slaine at slaine.org
Wed Nov 21 18:19:08 CET 2007

Same as the 0.8.6c patch but for trunk.

This enables RTSP Scale: playback support for servers that can implement
it. Tested with Kasenna and live555's mediaServer. Currently only the rc
interface has been modified. If you type fastforward or rewind and set
the --rtsp-scaled-trickplay parameter (or if you are using Kasenna
dialect rtsp), then it will attempt to double the current scale. i.e.
Normal playback is a scale of 1, you can either specify a scale or
double the current scale. Not all servers support specific scales. For
example, by default the Kasenna's will scale to 12 unless you ask for
others. If you asked for a scale of 4 then Kasenna will set the scale to
12. The scale value should then be set accordingly in VLC by parsing the
RTSP response.

Glen Gray (slaine at slaine.org)

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