[vlc-devel] Macros & IDE

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sun Nov 25 09:17:06 CET 2007

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007, Guy Paddock wrote :
> Quick question: why does the VLC source use macros so much? I mean, I
> understand their use for ensuring unique function names in case
> modules are compiled-in or built separately, but IMO they seem to be
> overused. Personally, I like to avoid macros like the plague because
> they're not context-safe, but that's just me.
I am interested to know also why we use huge #defines when we could do
enum. Is this better code-size wise ? Faster ?

> VLC developers use that can sort out all of the function references,
> even through all those macros, so that it's easy to see how things are
> put together, or is it something that I just have to learn in time by
> reading through most of the code? I've tried using Eclipse CDT and
> Visual Studio -- both were just about the same when it came to
> resolving function references, though Visual Studio more often than
> not sent me to the first function it found with the same name, which
> wasn't helpful. Eclipse CDT tried to glean a lot from the Makefile and
> from the compiler during the build to help it along, but it's a bitch
> to setup for not that much in return at the moment.

I use vim and sometimes I try MonkeyStudio (working as a tester for

VisualStudio can't build VLC so it is boring and eclipse is a pain to
Anjutta can't import vlc source because of problems in bindings/java
KDevelop is not that good ( I tend to prefer MonkeyStudio over it)

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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