[vlc-devel] up-to-date version of vlc.spec AND/OR packaging information

Gildas Fargeas gfargeas at irisa.fr
Wed Apr 2 11:15:47 CEST 2008

i'd like to package my custom version of VLC 0.8.6d. I made several 
modifications in streamout modules and in wxwidgets module. Where can i 
find an uptodate (.. for the 0.8.6..) version of vlc.spec (because the 
version in the source correspond to vlc 0.8.0 ! )
As the vlc trunk tree is now 0.9.0, i cannot find packaging information 
about previous version!
How do you guys do to package vlc (at least in .deb) ?
Thank you in advance,


PS: No need to tell me to update the version of vlc i'm working with plzz.

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