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Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 4 04:13:55 CEST 2008

Hi Pierre,

Good question but I already do. The distribution
mechanism for java (web start) requires you put the
native libraries in a jar (zip) file and the java
class files in other jar files and when it ends up on
the client it is put in a cache directory and the dlls
and class files in up in different folders that are in
a fairly flat directory structure so that the folder
names say at the same level are name 1...100 for
example and the java class files are in say folder 47
and the dlls are in say folder 12. So to find out
where the dll folders are I have to find out where the
class loader for web start put them. Has not been a
problem for say a year. Then Sun for thier next big
java release (6U10bx "1.6.0_10") decided to not allow
that to happen for some reason. So exceptions get
thrown. As I mentioned they are working on fixing that
right now and hopefully before the big annual Java One

Okay, so your next question would be why not bundle as
a complete app instead of using web start? Reason
being I can make one change to a single java class and
only that jar or that class gets sent to the client.
It allowed me to do weekly updates with minimal effect
to the user. Some of my updates only transmit say 10K
and that is a jar file I have not looked into sending
just a single file (say 1K or less) capability.

>From what I have seen and read corporations like banks
who use standalone clients in Java prefer this
deployment architecture because it keeps bandwidth
needs low and makes distribution a very easy process.

Every time I do a vlc update the user ends up getting
a jar that is around 9-10MB which is the combined size
of all the windows dlls thus my reason in the past for
asking about reduction in dll size. Since the dlls
need to be in the same folder I have to jar them
together. Thus the reason I wait a month or two before
trying new updates of vlc since it would be a big
download of 9-10MB.

Sorry about the long email but it was a long process
to get vlc bundled and the distribution issues
resolved. They (Sun) have never encountered anything
like what I did.


--- Pierre d'Herbemont <pdherbemont at free.fr> wrote:

> On Apr 3, 2008, at 8:48 PM, jboileau wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I can probably help since I develop on Windows. It
> is true that there
> > is problem loading libvlc-control.dll on Windows.
> Personaly for the
> > moment I am reading the VLC install path from the
> registry, do a set
> > current dir to there, load libvlc and finally load
> libvlc-control (see
> > code below). This is the only way I have found to
> make it work without
> > problems.
> Why don't you package libvlc and plugin with your
> own app?
> Pierre.
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