[vlc-devel] Screen capture module for Mac OS X

arai arai_a at mac.com
Sun Apr 6 23:33:13 CEST 2008

Hi Felix,

Thank you about linking.

About patch,
I think that I sent the patch as attachment file.
Is it in message instead of attachment file?
It might be a problem about Mailer program.
(Content-Type is text/plain, this may be a cause...)
What should I do?


 > Hello there,
 > First of all, thanks a lot for your patch as it this solves future compatibility issues due QuickDraw's deprecation. We will take care of the correct linking.
 > Your 2nd patch was correctly formatted to retain your authorship, but please send it in an attached file (you can create it by running $(GITCOMMAND_PLUS_OPTIONS) > yourfile.patch). Without sending your patch as a file, we won't be able to apply it (line break issues, etc.).
 > Thanks,
 > Felix

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