[vlc-devel] [PATCH] xspf playlist reader

Petr Menšík pihhan at cipis.net
Wed Aug 27 10:56:15 CEST 2008


i have problem with XSPF playlist format. I am using that because no
other players do use that playlist and so i have it for VLC. I know
there is .vlc suffix that would make it working with #M3U playlist as

I have one problem there. In my playlist, i have several http urls to
DVB-T television and have there also name of television or radio to get
better orientation. In 0.8.6 it does work well as i expected. In
nighbuilds from last days it does read playlist, but in list is only
last station from playlist.

I take a look into sources and found some time and found possible
problem. There is usage of i_identifier in demux/playlist/xspf.c which i
dont really understand what is there for and i dont think it should be
there. It seems it does use it for position information. I cannot prove
that, but i think i could crash vlc using bad written playlist as well,
as it is accessing arrays without first resizing it, if index is bigger
than current size. I tried a little fix, but i am not able to force
build system cooperate on my ubuntu hardy, so i cannot test it well. I
am not able to compile that. Please accept it as hint what i meant or
where problem might be, not as full working patch.

I add also sample of playlist. It is validated on specification site of
xspf and should be in right format.

Thank you.

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