[vlc-devel] some DVD issues

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Wed Aug 27 23:07:35 CEST 2008

1. The very first menu title is always skipped. Usually this is the
annoying copyright / pirating / jail, which may be handy, but it also
skipes the title (name) of some DVDs.

2. When moving the slider during a DVD play, the video freezes almost
always. The audio continues with no problem. The slider advance
normally as nothing has happened. No matter if the DVD is original or

3. I happen to have a DVD (Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live) where it
is almost impossible to click the four menu items. In the menu there are
four small circles where the selected one should be slightly highlited
than the others (which is not). Clicking dozen of times randomly over
the menu region I may have the chance to obtain a response from one of
the menu. I agree that the circles are relatively small, but anyway ...

4. I have a Microsoft Presenter Mouse that has a few dedicated
media buttons: volume up/down, previous/next (chapter), play/pause.
While I find natural for these to work fine with Windows Media Player,
they are working fine also with PowerDVD. With VLC none is working.

5. A strange thing happened in this particular situation:
- at my laptop I have a brand new DVD/RW drive (one month old)
- until today the drive was never set to any particular DVD region
- I inserted a region 2/3/4/5/6 DVD (Phil Collins - Serious Hits...
Live) (what an idiots to restrict a _music_ DVD)
Now: I started VLC and tried to play the DVD; the mpeg decoding was
a mess, like a scrambled satellite image or a defective DV tape.
Then I started PowerDVD and tried to play the DVD; before playing,
PowerDVD prompted to set the DVD region for my drive, which I did for
region 2. The rest with PowerDVD in no importance.
Going back to VLC, now with the drive's region already set to something,
the DVD played (displayed) fine.

All of the above with vlc-0.9.1-win32-TEST-2.exe from jb's site.

(these are simple observations, not complaints :)


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