[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r25020 (courmisch)

techfreak smile4you at gmx.ch
Sun Feb 10 13:45:37 CET 2008

Rémi Denis-Courmont schrieb:
>> After a short time, net_Read on the vnc socket (called in a seperate
>> thread) returns with -1 and writes the logmessage "socket xy polling
>> interrupted", but the socket is still open.
> So? Of course sockets are still open.
The socket is still open but I tried to call net_Read again and it still 
returns ith -1 and logs "polling interrupted". If it is really open, 
then I should be able to continue reading on it, or not ?
>> The polling feature seems to not work correct here.
> It seems totally fine to me.
Ok. If this is the normal behaviour, why is the polling interrupted when 
I set the parameter "waitall" of net_Read to true and the socket is 
still open?

>> What's the meaning of "polling" here?
> Calling poll().
Good answer :-).
After finding a "Crash Course of UNIX TCP/IP Socket programming" in the 
net I understand the polling mechanism. This is new for me because my 
world is programming for windows. (If somebody is interested for a link 
to this crash course: 
http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/arpanet/6/cc.htm , see description 
of select() function)
>> Should it wait until data is available?
> Until data is available from the socket *OR* the waitpipe is readable.
When becomes the waitpipe readable? I'm not understanding yet the what 
the waitpipe does.

>> "recv" from winsock2 is already a blocking function returning not before
>> some data is available.
> How do you interrupt recv() asynchronously from another thread? It was my 
> understanding that this only works in POSIX (pthread_cancel()) and in Win16 
> (WSACancelBlockingCall or whatever) but is outright impossible in Win32.
recv() is interrupted as soon as the socket is closed. You can activley 
close the socket from another thread. recv() returns then with -1.

My main question is: How can I read from the socket as long as the 
socket is open and my filter is not stopped.

I'm looking forward for a constructive answer.

Regards, Matthias

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