[vlc-devel] video seeking via rtsp server

Marc E. Fiuczynski mef at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Feb 14 22:03:18 CET 2008


live555 looks interesting. In what way does it differ from the rtsp 
server side support built into VLC?

Also, how hard would it be to support windows media as a stream vs. MPEG?


Ross Finlayson wrote:
>> When I use VLC as a rtsp server I noticed that the seek support often
>> does not work nicely.  I've read that it might be necessary to setup a
>> special metadata file (ts) as input to the rtsp server.  Can someone
>> comment on this further?  I thought the whole point of RTSP was that
>> seeking "just works".  Is this a limitation of the live555 rtsp
>> implementation or something inherent to all rtsp servers?
> Marc,
> The "LIVE555 Streaming Media" libraries are currently used only for 
> VLC's *client* implementation of RTSP.  As a RTSP client, I believe 
> VLC implements seeking properly.
> At the server end, if you want to stream MPEG Transport Stream files 
> - with seeking and 'trick play' - then you might instead look at 
> using the "LIVE555 Media Server" 
> <http://www.live555.com/mediaServer/>.
>> p.s., seeking etc. "just works" via HTTP.  ;)
> Only for certain very simple media file types for which you can seek 
> by seeking directly within the file, and which are constant-bit-rate 
> (so that the ciient knows where to seek within the file without 
> knowing anything more than the file size).  In general, though, you 
> need media type-specific knowledge that only the server has.

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