[vlc-devel] Fix Freetype crash when compiling with GCC 4.1+

Bernie Purcell bernie.purcell at chilli.net.au
Sun Feb 17 09:00:59 CET 2008

I've made a change to the fontconfig patch now that should address the
issue if you refresh from svn and rebuild the fontconfig contrib folder.
As a general rule fixes don't normally entail turning off a module that
is causing trouble, especially if the problem is only on one
platform. ;-)

On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 02:20 +0100, Sebastian Jenny wrote:
> Hi there!
> This diff should fix the unnerving crash on freetype_plugin.dll at start of 
> VLC for Windows. As you can see, I just deleted the implementation of 
> fontconfig. I didn't bother (nor do I have the time to) cleanup now obsolete 
> code in the files that use fontconfig, if existing (e.g. freetype.c).
> Suprisingly, this doesn't seem to break functionality. I tested Subtitle 
> colour and size. Font wouldn't work, but that is also the case for every 
> version built with GCC 3.4.5 (where the resulting freetype_plugin.dll 
> wouldn't crash) and even official 0.8.6.d. Also I think it's better to have 
> non-crashing subtitle support without ability to change fonts rather than 
> having no subtitles at all.
> If anyone feels he has to properly fix it, this entry in the mailing list 
> seems to be a good start as it's obviously related to the current problem: 
> http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc-devel/2007-October/035309.html 
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