[vlc-devel] no sound transfer

Penny Pendergraft ps at vip.net
Sun Feb 17 07:22:53 CET 2008

We recently downloaded two movies and they had no sound.  So I
downloaded your player and that fixed that problem.  But when I use
Roxio's Crunch or Handbrake to convert them to my ITunes or an mp4
format the sound disappears again, no matter what I do.  How do I get
the sound to go with my movie to itunes?  The quicktime player always
buts in and takes over your player.  I have changed the quicktime
settings to not be the default player and still no luck.  Is there
some secret I am not aware of?  Is there some other download that
would do it?  I have been trying myself for days now and I am at a
complete loss.  I have the new iMac if that helps.  Any advice at all
would be greatly appreciated.

Penny Pendergraft.

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