[vlc-devel] Potential Plugin

Kyle Brady brady.k at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 05:17:11 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm new on this list, so I apologize in advance if I don't follow the
usual protocols, or if this isn't exactly where I need to be.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of VLC (I run Ubuntu), and do alot of
programming on my own.  My work is mostly web-based, although I do
have some experience in C and C++... which brings me to my point:

I'm putting together a "lifestream aggregator" called OneSwirl
(http://www.oneswirl.com) [not quite open yet... potentially in the
next 12 hours], and I want to take my creation a little further than a
few of the recently launched competitors:  I'd like to be able to send
say 'Kyle watched 'A Night At the Roxbury'", or something similar,
when video files are played through VLC (user opt-in, of course).

So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in developing a
plugin for VLC that will send a request to our server after about 90%
of the file has been played?  I'd really like to collaborate with
someone on this, and would attempt it myself if I wasn't working on
the whole project by myself or I knew the VLC system.

Rather than bog down this list, feel free to email me directly.

Thanks, hope to talk to *someone* soon.

   Kyle Brady
   750 Miller St., Apt. 404
   San Jose, California 95110
   408-538-1503 / 410-458-5054

    My Business:  http://www.int-ind.com
    My Blog:  http://www.kyle-brady.com
    My Photos: http://www.kyle-brady.com/photos
    My Twitter:  http://www.kyle-brady.com/twitter

   AIM:         DarkMetalAlive
   MSN:        brady.k at gmail.com
   Yahoo:      brady.kyle
   ICQ:         401062619
   gTalk:       brady.k at gmail.com

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