[vlc-devel] TS files that has PCR hickups

Shishir Birmiwal shishir at birmiwal.net
Fri Feb 29 20:39:10 CET 2008

Hello Morgan,

1. Can you share the steps you use to create the TS file?
   It would help if you generate the TS by running vlc on command line and
   share the steps (command line) to reproduce the problem?

2. Is the problem consistent across DVDs? Is it consistent across
    different machines/platforms (if you have access to different platforms)?

> As you can see, I get the correct information from the TS packet, and
> that the actual data in the TS packet is not consistent. I could have
> some errors in my floating point conversion, but the issue is apparent
> in the original data as well, so I am quite confident that I have not.

I would recommend that you run dvbsnoop (dvbsnoop.sf.net) on it. Use
the dump from this tool to look at the timestamps [ scripts helps here
:) ]. It also prints out a lot of other information which may help you
trace the problem. From what I'm looking at, I have a reasonable
confidence in your tool -- but it never hurts to double check.


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