[vlc-devel] libvlc_MediaInstanceReachedEnd called twice (libvlc)

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Wed Jan 2 21:53:19 CET 2008

Hi Jacques,

Well, that's a work around because some demuxer announce the end by an  
ERROR_S state. Obviously this is wrong, but I didn't take the time to  
investigate more on that. I think it will stay like that a bit more  
until I take the time to fix that,

Thanks for the report!


On Jan 2, 2008, at 8:47 PM, jboileau wrote:

> Hi,
> I have playing with the latest build and found a small problem with  
> the libvlc_MediaInstanceReachedEnd event. It is called twice after  
> each play. The first time the state is at libvlc_Ended the second  
> time the state is at libvlc_Error. This makes it easy to  
> differentiate between the two, but I guess this is not the way  
> things where intended.
> Jacques Boileau
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