[vlc-devel] Implementing QuickTime capture (sequence grabber) support

Neil Bertram neil at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jan 3 21:32:05 CET 2008

Hi there,

I asked on the main list yesterday and got pointed here to track down
some MacOS developers.

I'd like to have a go at implementing QuickTime capture on OSX, but I
have no experience coding on VLC or QuickTime. There seems to be a bunch
of sample code on developer.apple.com for using the sequence grabber, so
I presume that's not too bad, but I couldn't find docs on the wiki about
the VLC module API for input systems and where I'd need to make code

My first question is what's a good input module to base it on? I was
thinking the v4l2 module since it's nicely self-contained?

Also, should I be looking at the Carbon or Cocoa interfaces for
QuickTime? There's a relatively recent QTKit for Cocoa which may be
nicer to use than the Carbon/C++ APIs.

Any advice on getting started would be much appreciated!


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