[vlc-devel] Need help on combining new codec to VLC

buddhika priyadarshana buddhika.priya at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 09:19:54 CET 2008


We are doing a project which is a optimization of existing theora codec.
Here, we planned to do a research on improving its algorithms and give
dynamic compression mechanism due to change of the available bandwidth while
video streaming.

As a testing application we planned to use streaming server which comes with
VLC player.
As I found VLC contain its own libraries for video codecs. (Theora also).
Also found some pluguins in "*/usr/lib/vlc/codec *" directory.Is it?

So we need help on following things.

     1. How to combine a new codec to the VLC.( Combining modified Theora
codec to the VLC )
     2.Can we add new codec after installing VLC to a computer.(As a pluguin

If any one have some idea, please reply.

Buddhika Priyadarshana
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka
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