[vlc-devel] [PATCH] VLC Linux mozilla plugin toolbar

Damien Fouilleul damien.fouilleul at laposte.net
Sun Jan 20 22:57:12 CET 2008

On 19 Jan 2008, at 11:10, Pierre d'Herbemont wrote:

> On Jan 19, 2008, at 11:33 AM, Frans van Veen wrote:
>> I present you the Linux mozilla toolbar. Please apply the patch and
>> replay on this mail.
> Cool!
>> @BUG
>> - updating timeline not working well because callback function not
>> working "libvlc_event_attach......"
> Basically you can't libvlc_event_attach on the libvlc_playlist's
> media_instance. You should try to create your own media_instance, and
> media_list. (And eventually media_list_player). Tell me if you need
> more info on that.

there are more efficient means (CPU-wise) to update the timeline than  
using an event sent every second to tell you that one second has  
elapsed, you can achieve the same thing by polling the input time  
property within the X11 idle event loop, or through a timer callback,  
which won't slow down VLC playback speed as this will be done outside  
of VLC threads.
Moreover, I wouldn't advise either to call Redraw callback directly  
whenever an event justify a redraw (Play/Pause/Stop/Timeline...); you  
should invalidate the drawing area instead in the event callback, so  
that it is repainted as part of the X11 event thread (for the same  
reasons as before)


> Pierre.
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